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Remember the size of the first computer you used? Or your first mobile phone?

Our kids laugh at pictures of the huge cell phone I thought was pretty cool back in the day. It was app-free, high technology for the times, but I definitely prefer my current sleek, innovative phone. If I can get increased technology in a smaller package, I’m all for it.

PULS agrees.

PULS delivers increased efficiency in a smaller package.

Unlike their competitors, PULS’s complete focus is on power supplies and accessories. They make all of their own products, unlike their competitors who brand label the same unit. So, PULS tightly controls their quality and costs.

PULS delivers the most technologically advanced DIN-rail power supplies on the market.

Recently PULS raised the industry standards with the launch of their new DIMENSION family of switched-mode power. Their products are up to 55% smaller than previous designs with unmatched efficiency of up to 95%.

Smaller and more efficient saves space and money for you.

Contact us to learn more about PULS’s 1-Phase and 3-Phase Power Supplies, DC/DC Converters, Buffer Modules, DC-UPS’s, Diode- and Redundancy Modules, and ATEX & IECEx Approved.

The power supply is the heart of your control system – demand the best.

Explore the benefits of PULS. Call (303) 500-5161.

(24 hour shipping of all standard products stocked in their North American Distribution Center.)