In 2008, I woke to the clunky buzz of the AC unit outside my hotel window, in one of the twenty-seven states I served as Rittal’s Western Sales Director, and thought, “What if I could share more products with more people, and spend more time with my family!”

(It’s a wonder I didn’t name the new company More, More, More.)

I wanted to build a business in the greatest industry – our remarkable industry that powers the world, and create a business model that compliments family life, and improves others’ lives through better products.

Out of that dream, Rocky Mountain Electrical Specifications was born.

Born into a difficult economy, for certain, but I never doubted its purpose or its future. It was the perfect time for customers to have access to better options — improved quality, solutions, durability, and cost.

The weaker economy prompted customers to want … to need to explore alternatives, to expand their options beyond the usual, traditional market leaders.

Customers turned to us. They found innovative solutions, technical competency, and reliable service with a smile. They still do.

In recent years we experienced the good fortune of our territories growing beyond our initial boundaries so we rebranded our team, RM Elec Spec, de-emphasizing “Rocky Mountain”, removing any doubt of our desire to grow as a company.

We love our beautiful home state of Colorado, but RM Elec Spec is primed to continue to grow.

We value every customer – all of our new customers, and those who said “sign me up” before we actually had a sign. Up.

We are grateful, every day, to work with wonderful people, and we intend to continue our legacy of service, expertise, and innovation to help our industry power the world.

RM Elec Spec
(303) 500-5161
We represent innovation!