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When your power goes down, does your productivity?

When the crisis hits, you need to be doubly sure your backup doesn’t fail.

But 2 batteries are not better than 1.

Traditional 24 VDC UPS systems with two 12V battery backups wired in a series cause problems:

  • Chemical differences in batteries result in unbalanced charges and greatly reduce battery life
  • Voltage readings of individual batteries are not provided
  • Undercharged battery quickly decays at the critical time despite “fully charged” status
  • Overcharged battery has increased levels of hydrogen out-gassing and dramatically shorten service life

With a single battery solution you can eliminate all of those problems.

PULS created a line of 240W, 10A, 24VDC UPS controllers that use a single 12V battery to back up a 24 VDC load.

The PULS solution provides a steady state of 22.5 volts until the battery is depleted. The competition rides the voltage slope down to where devices drop-out due to undervoltage. The slope causes inconsistent performance and possible loss of data or improper shutdown of protocols and procedures.

The single battery gives you longer battery life, less hassle, lower maintenance costs, and “true” battery status. The single battery optimizes battery charging in real world deployment. No more guessing or paying to replace batteries that don’t need to be replaced.

Save time and money with precise battery management and get the longest possible battery life.

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