LUTZE Inc designs and manufactures control products for industrial automation and specializes in flexible industrial control, power and network cables such as LUTZE Silflex®, LUTZE Superflex®, MOTIONFLEX® and DRIVEFLEX® VFD cables. The company also offers grounding and wire management products, Cablefix® cable entry systems, compact power supplies, LOCC-Box – intelligent DC circuit protection device, AirSTREAM-wiring systems for control cabinets, and LCIS relays for industrial applications.

Efficiency in Automation!

Creators of DRIVEFLEX®, the most flexible VFD cable in its class.

Creators of the AirSTREAM Wiring System, saving companies 25% or more space in control cabinets.

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Headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, and around the world.

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