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Why is it, I am unable to flip past an episode of MythBusters on the Discovery Channel? I’d like to think it’s my interest in engineering and science that glues me to the screen, but truth be told, it’s probably the explosions.

MythBusters test the validity of rumors, myths, some movie scenes, and explodes things – in more than 250 episodes. It’s great TV!

We aren’t special effects experts, but following in Jamie and Adam’s smoldering footsteps, we are busting myths in the world of electrical automation to save clients money, time, and space!

Our team busted 3 myths about Rittal’s enclosures and housings:

Myth #1 – Rittal is expensive.

Quality is usually expensive. We all find that in the marketplace. No one expects to buy a new Mercedes sedan for a thousand dollars. We expect to pay more for quality, functionality, and durability.

It’s easy to use the same logic with Rittal, but it’s not the case. Rittal’s high-quality, innovative enclosures are priced so low Hoffman and Saginaw would rather you never found out about them. Rittal’s highly automated equipment shrinks the cost per piece while other manufacturers just use more labor to make more enclosures.

Junction boxes and wallmounts start at $24 dollars, and include a zinc, mounting panel at no extra charge. Their carbon steel and stainless steel boxes are almost half of their former prices.

Rittal’s new pricing across all enclosures is amazing everyone. Rittal is clearly the top-quality, affordable choice, now we just need to work on Mercedes.

Myth #2 – Rittal is made overseas.

Rittal is manufactured at their world-class headquarters in Urbana, Ohio.

Their 105-acre campus with an 8-story automated storage and retrieval system is like Disneyland for you and me (without the long lines). This place is magical! In Ohio, they also operate America’s largest non-automotive paint line stretching over three miles. Over 90% of what we sell in the U.S.A. is made in the U.S.A. and from U.S.A. steel!

Rittal’s world-leading industrial and IT enclosures, racks and accessories are made right here in the U.S.A.

Myth #3 – Rittal never has stock.

Did I mention the super cool 8-story automated storage facility? Rittal built this world-class automated facility to blow the competition away on response time and in-stock parts. Their investment pays off for you with reduced down time and increased peace of mind. Rittal doesn’t innovate just to flaunt their superior advancement, they innovate to better serve their customers.

Your part will be in stock.

They promise fast, reliable delivery, any time, anywhere. Rittal responds with standard product delivery within 48 hours. They operate regional facilities and warehouses in Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Nevada, and Los Angeles.

Rittal is there when you need them.

First they raised the bar. Now they lowered the price. If you haven’t had the opportunity to review Rittal’s products your timing couldn’t be better. With over 100 standard sizes, available in both carbon and stainless steel, you will find what you need, and you won’t believe the quick response time, affordable price, and durability of Rittal.

Affordable, ready-for-you, American-made quality.

Now, hand me the remote and fire up the MythBusters!

Kirk Thorne
Owner, RM Elec Spec
(303) 815-3542

We represent innovation!