Manufacturing Runs the World.

RM Elec Spec makes it run effectively from beginning to end.

Kirk Thorne,

We represent innovation!
Meet the team

RM Elec Spec is an innovative, experienced electrical sales organization serving the Rocky Mountain Region.

We are known for our collaborative partnering, technical expertise, and innovative integration of industrial automation products.

We serve Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Industrial MRO’s (Maintenance, Repair, Operations), Integrator / Panel Shops, Electrical Distributors, Engineering firms, and other end users.

Oil and gas industry
Material handling
Petro chemical

Food and beverage
Supervisory control and data acquisition
Water and waste water markets

RM Elec Spec exists to make your life better. Nothing is outside of our job description.

We love to share our technical expertise through collaboration, innovation, solution-generation, training, seminars, and limitless support.

We’d love the opportunity to share some remarkable products and serve your business. Send us a message or give us a call.

We represent innovation.

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